pain medicine portugal

Pain Medicine

We care about your pain
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pain medicine portugal

Pain Medicine

We care about your pain

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The Concept

Pain Medicine is responsible for understanding and studying the mechanism underlying patient pain. Pain is defined by the ISAP (International Association for the Study of Pain) as: “An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with, or resembling that associated with, actual or potential tissue damage”. So, pain is an experience, not just a simple symptom, and can be multifactorial – nociceptive, neurogenic and psychogenic. For that reason, the holistic assessment of the patient is crucial to understand the mechanism of pain and to treat it properly. The non-surgical treatments could include pharmacological medication, minimally invasive procedures and physiotherapy. To make a correct plan adjusted to you, we have with us an experienced team that is always available for you.

Common Pain Areas

Head Pain

Head Pain

Cervical Spine Pain portugal algarve treatment

Cervical Spine Pain

Lumber Spine Pain treatment clinic portugal algarve

Lumber Spine Pain

Shoulder Pain treatment problem algarve portugal

Shoulder Pain

Hand and Elbow Pain

Hand and Elbow Pain

Hip and Groin Pain treatment algarve portugal

Hip and Groin Pain

Knee Pain sports medicine algarve portugal

Keen Pain

Thoracic Wall Pain portugal algarve treatment

Thoracic Wall Pain

Abdominal Wall Pain pain treatment portugal algarve

Abdominal Wall Pain

Pelvic & Gynaecological pain treatment portugal

Pelvic & Gynaecological

Facial pain algarve treatment clinic algarve

Facial Pain

Foot and Ankle Pain treatment algarve Portugal

Foot and Ankle Pain

Our Treatment Approaches 

Radiofrequency pain treatment algarve portugal


Crioablation pain treatment portugal algarve


Nucleoplasty chronic pain treatment portugal algarve


Intra-articular Corticosteroids Injection pain treatment algarve portugal

Intra-articular Injection

Platelets Rich Plasma Injection PRP treatment portugal algarve

Platelets Rich
Plasma Injection

Peripheric Nerve Block pain treatment medicine

Peripheric Nerve Block

Hydrodistention algarve portugal pain treatment


Calcification Barbotage portugal clinic treatment

Calcification Barbotage

Botulin Toxin Injection portugal algarve treatment

Botulin Toxin Injection

Pharmacological Pain Management treatment clinic portugal algarve

Pharmacological Pain Management


After the treatment I am only happy to say how I really feel. With some stretch exercises and physiotherapy, I feel great and get on with my life. Thanking you.

Carole LeeThe Netherlands

Before I start with my trip through the Pain Center I would like to say thank you to Dr. Costa and his wonderful team. I feel much better than before.

Karola KoenigGermany
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