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Sports Medicine

We care about your sports lifestyle
sports medicine portugal

Sports Medicine

We care about your taste for sports lifestyle.

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The Concept

Sports Medicine is responsible for understanding and studying sports performance under a scientific assessment. Sports injuries are commonly caused by direct impact, overuse or the application of force that is greater than the body part can structurally withstand. Bruises, sprains, strains and joint injuries are particularly common injuries in sports. The specialist in sports medicine should prevent and treat sports injuries, adjust the exercises features to the patient, through a biomechanical assessment enhance the athlete performance and know the benefits and harms of certain sports. Our medical team is all certified in sports medicine and has a lot of experience, having already worked in first division football clubs.

Our Treatment Approaches 

Radiofrequency algarve pain treatment


Crioablation algarve pain treatment


Nucleoplasty algarve pain treatment


Intra-articular Corticosteroids Injection

Intra-articular Injection

Platelets Rich Plasma Injection PRP portugal algarve treatment

Plasma Injection

Peripheric Nerve Block

Peripheric Nerve Block



Calcification Barbotage

Calcification Barbotage

Botulin Toxin Injection

Botulin Toxin Injection

Pharmacological Pain Management

Pharmacological Pain Management


Injuries to the musculoskeletal system are a major cause of seeking healthcare worldwide. Due to its complexity, our clinic has a group of professionals capable of carrying out a differentiated diagnosis and carrying out the most innovative treatments in this area.


Medicine has provided an increasingly effective response to numerous pathologies, yet it has not been able to prevent many of them. Prevention reduces the sequelae of diseases allowing a better quality of life for patients for a longer period of time.


Rehabilitation is the area of ​​medicine responsible for evaluating and treating the impact of any disease on the patients’ daily activities. For this reason, our clinic has selected a group of specialized professionals able to help you reduce the impact of your illness on your daily life.


High performance athletes are increasingly subject to higher levels of competitiveness and intensity. Our clinic has a multidisciplinary group capable of preparing the athlete physically, mentally and socially, improving their performance.


In line with the growing concern for people’s mental health, our clinic offers individual psychotherapy services, for couples or families, to clients of all ages (children, teenagers and adults) after a personalized psychological assessment.


The increasing scientific advances in nutrition have demonstrated the positive/negative impact of a certain type of diet. With this in mind, nutrition appointments are aimed at all people and not exclusively those with pathologies but also to those who want to improve their body composition or sports performance. In this sense, our specialists will carry out a nutrition plan aimed at you with the aim of promoting your health and well-being.


The staff are all very professional, friendly, incredibly patient and they are there for you 24 hours a day. Follow up care is superb. I had numerous injections. Came home within a few hours and am so glad that I had the procedure. It changed my life dramatically. I recommend them all very highly.

Celeste CuttingUK

We are very impressed with the approach of you and your team with regard to the treatment that I received over the last two month. We experienced a very high level of knowledge and dedication from you and your colleagues which helped me to recover more quickly.

Gerald KraftmanUK
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